Ban illegal timberIllegal logging is destroying the world’s ancient forests and accelerating climate change. In July the European Commission delayed a vote on proposed legislation to combat illegal logging till September.

This is an outrageous decision – every day the Commission fails act responsibly illegally sourced timber products from critical forests like the Amazon, the Congo and Indonesia continue to pour into Europe.

Please write to President Barroso to increase the pressure for a strong EU Timber law without delay.

<p><a href=” “>Ban illegal timber – click here to send a message to the EU</a></p>

From   : Marwan Azis
To        : José Manuel Barroso
Subject : Ban illegal timber

Dear Commission President,

I am writing to urge you to lead the European Commission in adopting legislation that will ensure all timber products placed on the European market are from legal sources and well-managed forests. As the world’s biggest wood importer, Europe has a unique responsibility to help stop deforestation, illegal logging and its impacts on climate, biodiversity and forest communities.

In 2008, Greenpeace has witnessed at least six ships entering the EU carrying timber from companies involved in illegal logging in the Amazon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These shipments are just the tip of the iceberg, with a large portion of imports sourced from areas where illegal and destructive logging is rampant.

Without an European illegal timber law, I am being made an unwilling accomplice in forest crime. President Barroso, I urge you to do the right thing and approve strong EU timber law now.

This is an essential step that will contribute to protect the climate and forests, reward responsible business and foster sustainable development.


Marwan Azis


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